Naturalia: First issue, Main Topics, May 19th, 2018.

Introduction, as a Motivation letter:

Dear Sirs:

I am responding to the urgent call from World Economic Forum (@WEF), which said no more than a month ago, “Capitalism is arriving to a critical point”. Communism has already collapsed more than two decades ago and now, it is necessary to have the patterns renewed for the expected and oncoming 2050 world.

My proposal so called Naturalia, will be my new scope and spectrum of views for mankind where, Wildlife, Family Values and Universal Respect for Multiethnic, Interreligious and Plurilingual World, may take place from a few years and till the end of times.

No more centuries for trial-error models. This is the time for being assertive regarding the so called Human Condition. Mr. Charles Mann, has written a very important article about feeding ten billion people in 2050. How come? Well, apparently, Dr. Mann, knows the pros and cons of Prophets and Wizards.

One of this group insists on abandoning meat consuming and being ecological while, the others, insist on being futurist, bet on fertilizers and produce as much as possible on the culture of assisted agriculture.

In order to be successful in our approach, we will take advantage of “Waldkindergarten”, or better Kindergarten at the fresh air! What do we exactly have in mind?

Well, it is simple: we cannot hire a million teachers and multiplier agents but we can have two or three thousand schools like this in the world, and teach children principles of the New Deal or Paradigm.

We will soon have multipliers and action agents who, in turn, with their own lives, will be changing the model of society and the concept of Economy, Food, Parental Relations, Social Bonds and Human Relations as a whole.

We have preserved as a special topic, the so called Economy Subject for the oncoming centuries. Well, please, let me express that this will not go against any established model, so the world can still survive on conventional rules but, The Oncoming Model or New Deal, is based upon the concept of Knowledge-Based Economy and Intellectual Capital. We will talk with some more details in further developing pages.

Political Scope:

Before anything else, we must work on an introductory level which is, introducing the two existing systems as they are known like Communism, Capitalism and Naturalia, as the challenger of the combat.

Communism, was dismantled by Mijail Gorbachov (1985-1991), when he introduced Perestroika, ) in an attempt to offer a way out to Socialism, with no fatal attacks to inaugurating Era of Capitalism in ex-USSR.

Please, let´s see this figure to fully comprehend the meaning of intersections of interests and elements of this Political Approach:


 According to what we know about this ideology (so far away from us), The State Power, controls and domains the whole panorama of Government, Economy, Assets, and the likes. There is not Private Initiative and Prosumers are beginning to spring out with Renaisance of Renewables.

Languages have been a main feature since there was a Union of Multiple Nations (ex-USSR). Religion, was not something very well accepted and somehow not considered within the boundaries of their thoughts.

Most of effects resulting from Gladsnot and Perestroika (ex-USSR), were, the opening of information systems letting the press to be opened to the people and the world (Gladsnot) and Perestroika, which enabled the government to turn to Capitalism, like a system without losing the symptoms and features of Socialism.

Nevertheless, both of them (Gladsnot and Perestroika), could not stop the Communist System to crack down and collapse definitely from the former USSR to yield traffic to a real and Authentic Capitalism, now so called “one way thinking” or  «unipolar economic approach».

Another factor we should present and analysed is Capitalism, never thought itself containing 10 thousand million people about 2050. When Mr. Smith thought about it, it was just a small world and thinking for a short-sighted and neared projected eyed-view.

Let´s see a figure so as to capture the main idea of what is included into this model:



 Within Capitalism, the intrinsic money value is overall any other existences in life, may this well be open and social or in private life. As a Rule of State, this is created and maintained at its minimal size and both ethnic groups as languages, are categorized according to their origins and practicing populations.

Talking about commentaries about exhaustive capitalist system, we can say just that Mr. Adam Smith, never counted on the fact the world (he could consider), may go up to 10 thousand million people by 2050 and that is impossible to solve with his Capitalist Approach.

Language, within this system,  is usually “The official one”, nevertheless, in the North Hemisphere, there are Capitalist Nations like Mexico which has also, more than 23 originary languages. besides the official Spanish.

What Nations are you good for?:

In a way, we are obliged to express some extra words towards explanatory concepts about systems and objective public. Let´s see:

1st.- Capitalism, is a small system for a small group,  living in a small world of some million people. No more, no less than that and this has been proven.

2nd.- On the other hand, Communism, has served to huge nations like China and USSR, for decades and almost a century, since they administrate almost everything, distribute even food, manage transportation, fisheries, production, export/import systems and domains the great scale panorama for its mass-conception doctrine.

If we would have been born before, we could have said neither system would last too much! Why can we say so? Because Capital is not infinite in either previous mentioned systems.

A brief explanation about The Way to Capital´s Extinction:

Is Capital about to disapear? We do not know but there must be a reason why are cryptocurrencies so much alive and springing all over the world as private money and avoiding International Banking Systems. Let´s think about this together!

1st.- If it is about Communism, State Money, would make official money emission produce the State bankruptcy in a couple of months and,

2nd.- If it was in Private Systems (Capitalism), resources are not infinite and so are Production and Industrial Systems so, money would never be consequently «infinite» too.

3rd.- Why we say so? Simple! Because Capitalism and even Communism, rely on non-renewable assets as Naturalia, the Only System Born under this Conception.

No it comes the point to talk about Naturalia, and for this, nothing better than starting showing another graphic:



 Naturalia, is born in the beginning of XXIst Century, with the whole technological and renewable arsenal of Wildlife and Family Values, never killing Living Things. It is a Multiethnic, Interreligious and Plurilingual conception of life, in total harmony with a vast and not polluted environment. We do not stimulate the use of coal, nuclear plants and fossils.

We believe in Renewable Energies as the future of the world and Prosumers (as the Producers and Consumers) as are bees in the hive. We all work, well all share, we all get the benefits. It is not either one of the previous systems and even better, it´s a pure democracy system, where we believe in Universal Values of Wildlife, Family, Nature and Organised Society.

A final point of view: why Naturalia could challenge those previous systems just mentioned above? Just because it is thought as to grow according to Nature´s growth and Natural Laws!

(If it is about cryptocurrencies within this model, please, find readings about Afrecoin and eCFA a little bit ahead in this manuscript. Thanks a lot.)

Preliminary conclusions belonging to Prof. Dr. Valdemar Setzer, Universidadd de Sao Paulo, Brasil:

Since, Dr. Setzer gently replied to my demanding questions for an opinion about Naturalia and being his opinions as important as it was when I attended his conferences in Sao Paulo, I will just copy-paste his own words and in his mother language -which is portuguese-, for you to see this is a plurilingual site as promised.

Let´s see what Dr. Sezter opinion is aimed to, and in each case, you will detect how clearly he thinks, expresses himself  and avdvises me. Now, his words:

«… – Vou comentar a apresentação em ppt. Em português, pois assim vai mais rápido.

Um dos aspectos mais importantes do capitalismo é que quem tem o capital, manda. No comunismo, quem tem o poder manda.

Outro aspecto é que no capitalismo existe liberdade onde ela não devia existir: no setor econômico, que deveria seguir o espírito da fraternidade. Assim, só deveria ser produzido  que é realmente necessário para as populações. Mas a liberdade indevida no setor econômico faz com que empresas criem necessidades, por meio da propaganda, que justamente interfere na liberdade das pessoa, que deixam de agir com plena consciência e são induzidas a agirem segundo condicionamentos e não segundo a consciência individual.

No capitalismo, compra-se até o direito, por meio de advogados caros, o que os pobres não podem fazer. Com isso impede-se a igualdade (de direitos), justamente o que a humanidade está desenvolvendo neste momento. Leia meu artigo

7.8 Artigo Liberdade, igualdade, fraternidade: passado, presente, futuro. A evolução desses ideais ao longo do tempo, o que eles significam e sua origem.

Por outro lado, o comunismo impõe uma igualdade onde ela não é devida. Cada pessoa tem necessidades diferentes. Na áreas de criação, como as ciências e as artes, a liberdade é absolutamente fundamental; a igualdade, como por exemplo o Estado determinar os tipos de ciência e de arte que devem ser praticadas, mata ambos, como ocorreu na URSS. O Estado não deve determinar o que e quanto deve ser produzido; a sociedade é que deveria tomar essa decisão, refletindo os anseios do povo.

Não estou de acordo com a denominação Naturalia. O ser humano não é um ser puramente natural, ao contrário dos minerais, das plantas e dos animais, ele transcende a natureza. No momento em que os homens das cavernas fizeram as pinturas rupestres, o ser humano não era mais puramente natural. Assim, a organização social deveria refletir a organização humana, especialmente a não física. Por exemplo, o desenvolvimento da do livre arbítrio individual (interior) e da liberdade (exterior) deveriam ser metas fundamentais da humanidade. Esse desenvolvimento deve levar em conta justamente o que o ser humano não tem de natural, por exemplo sua individualidade e sua criatividade.

Por hoje é só.» Prof. Dr. Valdemar Setzer

– End of quotes.

Well, this has been the first material delivery so far at Naturalia Approach and hope you will like it as much as we enjoyed writing it!

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