Naturalia: Issue N. 3: Towards and New Global Deal. Conclusions.

As nature opens its way up:

As it has been easy to see, we promote a Renewable Energies model-based so called Naturalia, A New Global Deal. This model, is the one of feasible things and never of those megalopolis like, Los Angeles, New York, Buenos Aires or Tokyo, which, by no means, would be fed by simple wind turbines, water falls and solar roofs.

On the other hand, the world living scenario will be spread around the planet, as a small  neighborhoods and never as huge urban centers and non electrically reasonably supported. Big towns, will be cemetery of old mankind while small and spread houses  among nature and mixed up with woods, and rivers, will be the real landscape of the oncoming decades.

Electric Vehicles:

We don´t want to make this article, an advertorial on best oncoming car makers brand names. It is simple to say that, the Bolivia-Chile-Argentina triangle, is the future American Lithium Common Market for the whole and entire world.

Right after those three nations and markets, come China, Australia and Canada, as a more technologically defined and modern promised producers for already demanding countries with electric automotion on the streets.

Let´s see this chart:

Grandes reservorios de Llitio 2017
Emerging nations and continents:

I am very fond of Africa since in less than a decade ago, has raised its economy to an admirable standards and now counts on tech hubs as perhaps, others, already had but never at this incremental rate. Let´s take a look a it:

Needless to express Africa is the Continent as it was the Promised Land. It has it all and, it will all provide to the entire world.

The Richest, the poorest and those to whom life never passed by for them:

Well, we are finishing our Naturalia White Paper and nothing better to close it up than saying this is a non fair world. For example, only ten worldwide nations, hold the wealth of the entire planet.

I truly think the Prosumers World is the future of the planet since if Nature gradually grows, then does society and every inhabitant can do it so, and so cooperates to support this project of common life and never said common economy but common purpose of supporting each other. Let´s see:

This is not a simply alcohol overnight of overthinking without mental control. Mr. Pareto brained this scheme when he wrote that 20% of world population holds 80% of wealth while the rest, say 80% of the remaining world population, only keeps the 20% of wealth. Incredible but true!

Towards to Naturalia New Global Deal, if the «System» lets it goes on!

Never took so many years to mankind so as to get used to, and accept a new way of thinking, living and exchanging every day way of life.

Naturalia, is the one and the only feasible model what the future may offer you, if you want to save yourself from devastating XXIst Century effects.

Thank you, God Bless You all and, I hope you will soon embrace Naturalia for the sake of oncoming children!

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