Naturalia (Launching & Weekly Information)

«Naturalia», is a New Global Deal, aimed to solve current Socialism and Capitalism fatal flaws, and as a response to the original claim from World Economic Forum.
We do not think  we are going to be the world´s solution, since it is (as everything on Earth), limited to the scope of the author´s vision.

Nevertheless, we forsee a new world, compound of a Multiethnic, Interreligious and Plurilingual Society, accompanied by the Renewable Energies Potential and Prosumer´s Economy.

This White Paper, will be delivered weekly, and every and each chapter, will be published here and hopefully to stay.

We wish you a good beginning with us and, also wish us good luck, like every innovator needs when launching a  new idea, a new project or it is at the threshold of a new paradigm.

Thank you and!

¡Best Regards!

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