Naturalia: Towards a Non-eroded Educational Model. Second Issue.


It Continues from Issue N: 1

Hoping Issue Number I, had been clear enough so as to support our Prototype Naturalia, we now leave you with some other  standard points of view. We apologize for our mixed-up machinery-human translated english, since it is not our native language. Forgive us once again and perhaps, next time, it will come out better. Juan C. Mangione.

Let´s continue!

Educational Panorama:

We present now a brief discussion beforehand and not to begin with an improvised approach to modern techniques and educational tools. As a starting point, we would never pick up a split apart topic but something related to present and connected reality, like Schools and Political Issues of XXIst Century.

This is why we have selected topics such as:

1st: Human Intelligence versus Artificial Intelligence

2nd: Intellectual Capital

3rd: Open or fresh-air schools

4th.- Religions

Shall we start?

We will start right away and, you will soon have some questions so as to be sending them to our blog and continue to make clearer our Naturalia Model day after day. Welcome!

Human Intelligence Vs. Artificial Intelligence


In this spontaneous publication and emerged from my years of study, research and reading, I present a humanist point of view, and I do not say humanitarian sciences but,  we write from the perspective of those who always prefer the worst human being to the most gifted machine, whatever it does.

Why should I settle for a product of somebody else´s mind mind if we still have the «original» creator? That’s what the paper in question is about!

I underwent the training of schools with Nineteenth Century schemes, I was redeemed by the Jesuits in Secondary Studies and I had Degree and Postgraduate Studies that modeled my mind that, -as I have already written-, is sometimes weak and sometimes unbeatable.

I do not try to prove anything by this paper. It is only an opinion about what took place in the world markets for almost a decade (more than into Universities and Sciences) and is the subject of Human Intelligence versus Artificial Intelligence in its comparable borders.

To be able to speak or write about this, I had to do a degree at National Technological University, Argentina, a Master of Sciences, at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), a Seminary at La Sapienza University (Rome, Italy), a Seminary on Reasoning about Knowledge in Minas Gerais (Brazil), and to continue reading and making publications for 30 years.

Having explained this, I have found support for the subject that I have to develop, since scientific, academic and personal authority, is conssistant. Thank you for supporting this introduction!

Knowing your Creatures!

I do not believe there is a father or mother who, ignore the character, actions and reactions of their children and the adventures that await them from the past and present they perform. It is so ever since, and as it is assumed, there was a creator of Artificial Intelligence:

Alan Turing was clearly a man ahead of his time. In 1950 he was already dealing with the question: «Can machines think?»

We will leave this question formulated in this paragraph and we will return in oncoming paragraphs, when we have developed other previous essential topics. While in Brazil (1987/89), I had already studied subjects such as Boole Algebra 1 and 2 and in that country, I had to deal with subjects such as Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Neural Networks, Cognitive Research 1 and 2, Computer Sciences and Society 1 and 2, Science, Technology and Global Power, in addition to assisting in Minas Gerais, a Master Conference by Dr. Valdemar Setzer, at the end, my personal friend, on Computer Sciences in Education.

It should be noted that, I had to walk «A long and winding road», to discover that, in the background, everything I had seen, never resembled the most elementary human creature.

How important Natural Learning and Human Pedagogy will be in the Congress of Human Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence held in Rome (1991), that there was a direct disciple of the great epistemologist Jean Piaget, but none of Turing!

Besides this fact, it was not just a «vague idea of an Italian Psychology Faculty». It was a Franco-Italian and Binational Encounter to conclude that we, the ones who will be replaced, were into a not a very feasible technological approach.

As we begin this section by saying that the Creators know their Creatures, you know that when the Almighty created Adam, this was a clay mortar. To give him life, he did «phys» on the nose! Yes, he breathed air because Physis is Physics and that is life!

For now, we will say that Adam, in addition, received a precept, command or order from the Supreme and this was:

“…And God said: Let us make man in our image, according to our likeness; and exercise dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the sky, over the cattle, over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.  So God created man in his image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them …”

(Genesis, 1, 26)

Not only this transcendental concept of life of mortals of a large part of the globe is a point of our vision, but also, where is the Edson Arantes do Nascimento (Pelé) Artificially created? Have you ever seen somewhere a robot that looks like psychophysically Manu Ginobili?

By any chance, it has occurred to them to think if the model of artificial intelligence that can replace Ronaldo, Romario, Maradona or Messi if they are ever ready?

I simply -as a man of Science and Technology-, have the questions, which is what I must formulate to be a critical subject. Maybe you, have the answers.

Science, Technology and Global Power:

During my Master’s studies in Brazil, we reviewed concepts of a subject specially created for the Southern Cone, called Science, Technology and Global Power, then, those who have technology and apply it over those who do not have it, undergone lack of it, or are ignorant in that matter, they are simply «subdued»!

That is why that ambitious project of the UFRJ, Brazil, accepted 7 to 10 students per year from all Latin America (350 million inhabitants), to take care of counteracting the cataract effect of the technology that invades us, controls, it governs and, if we are unprepared and do not study, it dominates us, too!

At the same time, we saw the Japanese author Yonedi Masuda, who warned us in the 80’s that in 2000, people would only telecommute or not work and that people would be displaced from their manual and habitual works, replaced by robots and we, the displaced poor-labored people, would be retrained to go, precisely, to the factory of these gadgets so mentioned today, the robots and their silicon brain, the Artificial Intelligence.

Dear and recently late Dr. Stephen Hawking, just released a tweet (the one I did not read completely), by which he expressed «Why would it be better for A.I. to take care of working for us?»

To be the mind that follows Einstein in the conception of the Universe, I found extravagant when not, displacement of the Talent of the Human Condition, as the maximum to what has been reached in millions years of Planet Earth. I leave Dr. Hawking with his ideas and I continue with mine, because he was a Nobel Prize winner and I am simple blogger.

Returning to Masuda, the Japanese author expressed that we would enjoy a lot of free time for leisure and culture but elderly, abandoned by young people and the low incomes of today’s world, die in disemployment, sad and full of anguish.

It is not a good life and neither project to be replaced by little machines that are not happy to be working. I am sorry! You, just invented them. This is the change and not every change is for the better. I give you another phrase that belongs to me:

«Good technology is not the latest in the market and the best mentioned or issued, but the one that best behaved technologically and benevolently with society».

I would like to clarify these subjects, as an engineer, have always attracted me, but I never lost my skeptical point of view. For example, when the brilliant Dr. Joseph Halpern came to Minas Gerais, Brazil, I attended a Seminar on «Reasoning about knowledge».

Halpern, tell us computers had already acquired the concept of Common Knowledge, which is when «we all know the fact P and also, we all know, we all know, we all know, of the fact P …»

What Halpern never told us or recommended, is to read Thomas Payne “Common Sense”, wrote before the American War of Independence. This manuscript (printed clandestinely), is, Basal Stone of the American Constitution in hands of Thomas Jefferson.

Well, on one hand, too much of a Common Knowledge but, on the other hand, nothing gives us a piece of Common Sense!

Collateral and private studies to live a day:

It is undeniable that even a child realizes that he «thinks». The mother or the father or the teacher, the first thing they say when raising a problem is «Come on guys, please, think!» And they do it, as only they can do and as they can only do it on the surface of the Earth.

On the contrary, since Artificial Intelligence is moved by mechanisms such as algorithms, heuristics and other computational processes and packaged in devices that are only machines with ultralight chips, they do not think but «process».

Then, very bravely, their manufacturers tell us: Artificial Intelligence «thinks» faster than man! «. Nothing more fallacious. “We think, They Process!”

As a corollary, let’s say that Human Intelligence, links Physis with Gnosis and Aritificial Intelligence, links a Set of Logics to Hardware.

As final remark we can express that, -and not wanting to be unbalanced or rude-, this precious world, is not for everyone or everything: “It is for us!”

Intellectual Capital

Well, this has been one of the selected topics to talk about oncoming models (never eroded) for the Educational System to come. We do not need to live like robots neither let them be ourselves. Let´s be human beings and let them be machines. That´s the right place for everybody!

We must go now to the latest hint of countable and uncountable assets. The Intellectual Capital. Let´s say this chapter of modern economy, is compound by:

1st.- Patents and inventions,

2nd.- Brand names,

3rd.- Legal software, and mainly,

4th.- Human Resources. There is where Intellectual Capital resides and its most remarkable topic.

The question about «What is Intellectual Capital?» Is solved with an example. How much do you think Microsoft is worth? Simply, trillions dollars or maybe more. Well, that value oscillates between the total and zero when their brains retire to rest. Is it clear?

The Intellectual Capital is the most precious asset of the Intangible Assets of a company. In the world in which we live, there is a balance that denotes all tangible goods and another -named by Karl-Eric Sveiby -, as the Invisible Balance.


 Figure Nº1: Microsoft

This Invisible Balance, accuses the assets owned or enjoyed by a company in terms of its Human Resources, true depositories of Intellectual Capital. The case of Microsoft, has been taken as an example by the University of Oviedo and Sveiby, took as an example the J.P. Morgan Bank, which accused tangible goods, for half of its total value, from which it was deduced that it existed more than twice as much.

 Figure Nº2: Banca Morgan

In Argentina, these assets are rare. In the United States, salaries are already being ranked for the quantity and quality of intellectual services offered by their human resources. In the book «¿What will be?»,  by Michael Dertouzos, you will find complete details about these topics.

In the USA, there are already Assets Knowledge Managers, who is the one who know everything that is known in the company and in which people that knowledge fall. Remarkable!


 Figure Nº3: Michael Dertouzos

These reflections are launched in this column with the intention of mobilizing the local business community to rescue their real capital: The Human Resource. There will be no company «listed on the stock exchange» without first having a human resources plant that is listed on a world market of brains.

The companies of the new economy (and the old one, too), can no longer search for «someone who more or less adjusts to the position». At this moment, the desired resource must be searched precisely, it must present developed competencies for the specific position and as we anticipated in these paragraphs, added value of knowledge (additional).

Figure Nº4: Human Resources of the present and future

A «brain of the new millennium», is flexible, adult, mature (emotionally), knows how to make decisions, respects staff, interprets his superiors, works well, vertically and horizontally, transcends structures and, fundamentally, is perfectly up to date with everything that happens in the world in its matter. In this way the profiles are designed nowadays and in this way they earn their livelihood in the developed world. Other interpretations, are already extemporaneous.

hombre orquesta

Figure Nº5: the new role XXI Century, The Man Orchestra!

This opinion column has a double purpose:

1st .- Alert the professionals who stayed in the «know something to win something»:

If they think so, they have lost their career and are about to lose their future.

Final words to the topic:

If Microsoft Corporation, as well as Apple or even Google, are valued as «concepts of intellect» more than tangible assests, it is quite assertive to think XXIst Century has flourished as it did Industrial Revolution in the 900´s. Get ready and study. It is your only way out from stagnation and modern slavery.

Open-air free-schools:

As we have already mentioned before, we will make an approach based on Fresh Air Schools (Open schools), just like in Italy, Sweeden, Germany, Spain, Zcheck Republik, and some others.

Since there is no redundant materials about this methodology and conception of a Free or Fresh-air Schools, we make a copy-paste text, taken directly from the original source.

“… FOREST. Guide for outdoor education for children

Philip Bruchner. Rodeno editions 2017

ISBN: 978-84-946709-2-3

Real picture Bosquescuela, Spain.

Open-air pre-school education has been an internationally successful educational alternative for years. Since 2010, the Bosquescuela Initiative has been promoted in Spain. The 2015-2016 course opened its first Bosquecuela center in the municipality of Cerceda. A center approved and authorized by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Community of Madrid.

In Bosquescuela, boys and girls spend the whole school year in contact with nature. Into it, they breathe fresh air, run, climb, invent games, learn, relate and grow: Nature is the classroom.

These pages intend to make known the main characteristics of this educational model that proposes a new way of educating, giving priority to respect for children and their growth and learning process. We hope that it will serve as a guide both for educators and for families who wish to reinforce the bond of children and themselves with nature.

Instilling respect for the environment and, taking advantage of pedagogical resources and multiple benefits for the proper development of the people that nature offers, we will be betting on a necessary educational and social improvement. Bosquescuela wants to contribute its bit.

«Children really enjoy understanding, knowing and facing problems that pose a challenge for them.» Loris Malaguzzi.

«Learning is only lasting if it comes from experience. It has to sink to the bone! » Gerald Hüther.

“-End of quotes!”

As it is easily seen Bosquescuelas or Open Air Schools are the Future of Teaching-Learning Process since the oncoming world isn´t that pictured like a rose-painted walls and ladies in a white dress for the “teaching act”. Nature is the classroom and children are the future.

Wildlife and Natural Assets:

We are pushed to introduce Bosquescuela this way since, the World Migrant Crisis is at the top of its values, sacrificies and movements towards Central and Western Europe.

Explained this way, not much to add regarding schools may never be back to traditional methodologies and settlements as it has been since XIX Century, e.g. a centralizing attention to a teacher, a 30 well-organized classroom and the room very well wall-painted and flowers on them.

Naturalia, has previewed and forseen a model by which every abandoned person in the world could be assisted or supported by means of “talking pills”. A sort of brief dialogues technically transmitted; you will find it very interesting when not creative. Let´s start right away with it!

Wildlife and Family Universal Values:

It is time of Wildlife, Family and Universal Values. Africa is being attacked and suffers as never before, animal crimes as hunting and poaching. This has no forgiveness.

Mankind will pay and suffer this sacrifice, not now but in the near future. BBC News, offers a report where we can get to know details, differences and all the run abouts:

Naturalia and its author, as an old and current psychiatric patient, continue to be concerned about the mental and spiritual health of the world population and the so-called Disposable Citizens.

That is why, with this space of Naturalia, we intend to give place, space and healing to the minds, hearts and souls into a society that should not limit them to seize opportunities but also to erase the mental life and feelings of millions of creatures and adults of the world.


As we can not carry out cyclopean tasks alone, we have started a call through Social Networks, to Physicians, Psychologists, Sociologists and all of them bilingual or multilingual, to treat children and adults from anywhere in the planetary geography and by any of the available means, within reach of a common computer or, of a simple Smartphone.

So we will work and reach huge amounts of people, now abandoned from the Hands of God and, we will reach them, without distinction of Creed, Race or Religion.

We have to present a mental and spiritual work that will be called «Naturalia: Wellfare & Welldoing» This will be our work from 2018-2030, and we hope its coordination with similar programs, will yield magnificient results.

Technological aspects:

We propose by this approach, to create a world site on the Internet, through VPS resources and techniques, managed by tools on the web, learning then the technological «tricks» and generating a wave that reaches from Argentina, to the very limit of understanding human and global geography. This resources and associated costs are low monthly dollars.

With reference to telecommunications:

It should be noted that, individually or academically only, we will not reach a good result with our Naturalia proposal. That is why we will have to hire multinational telecommunications companies to achieve links via microwave and all forms of Wi-Fi and Wi-Max links, to ensure coverage of all sectors of the world with the problem in question and our own subjects.

This is how we will take this job offer to all signal service providers, in exchange for the acting governments to deal with the subsidized services through their respective Ministries of Health, and so financing of foreseeable events and those that could arise in the path of such a varied range of global conflicts.

In relation to the necessary Smartphones and who will provide them:

It is a must that some of the largest companies in the world, should accept to sign agreements with the acting governments, to give at reasonable prices -to the Ministries of Health of each affected country-, the devices that will be only for some local numbers allowed and not international, neither messages nor other forms of exploitation.

Maybe we can use some social networks because there will be children who master them very well and we can propose communication games with them that will be pedagogical and self healing.

Regarding the Global Operations Centers:

Given the fact it is increasingly common to use the number # 911 for the case of the occurrence of an emergency or crime, this time, health professionals will be located through these number, with some derivation or internal branch and the «Talking Pills» or short and healing dialogues will be established.

This way, most of the planet’s territories will be covered and, if they are developed countries like those that have been chosen by the migrants, in Europe, in particular, Germany, where they arrive from the Middle East and Italy, which receives them by the Mediterranean, it is guaranteed that there will be several options to call and be taken care of.

Recently, I attended a microconference (on of the Chancellor of the European Union, Mrs. Federica Mogherini, who assured the European Union will allocate 600 million Euros for social work.

Software resources:

It requires something very simple as our target audience, free or low-cost software, internet connection, web page manager, virtual office use type tools and nothing else. It is also an essential condition, to enjoy the discourse of others.


We will create “talking pills». We will write or speak for a limited time and send and receive messages pills or «simply, pills». They can be individual, grouplike or universal.

We will be responsible in the answers and there will always be a moderator every so many participants. We will accumulate points for individual we attract to the group and cure them.

The more cured there are and the more they cure others, the better the scores will be. You can not stay in Naturalia´s group, more than one year after admission and you have to graduate and get fully cured.

Look, think, think again and then, speak:

If there is a condition of the Human Being, it is that of thinking and rethinking contents of its neural network. That is why, we say think and rethink, Nothing that man does not recycle at least a couple of times, will come to light, after a couple of turns around his neuronal circuits.

The rush, consumption and bad advice, can lead you through bad roads that are not right, never to the best in sensible matter, or rationality.

Theological Implications:

If you want a Universal Organization based on Wildlife and the Family Values belonging to Naturalia, it must be taken into account that is primordial the planetary, cosmic consciousness and the motto or leit motiff of:

«Those who are Life, See Life in Others and Tend to Preserve It.»

Another kind of abuses take place when, for example, plastics are making marine species disappear and I have even published swans eating supermarket bags in previous articles.

I hope that this organization, the one of the Wildlife and the Family Values so called Naturalia, in the name of Man and Creatures of the Planet, becomes a Blessing in the eyes of his Lives and those of his Children.

It is in this way that, among other aspects of the Theological Life of the Earth, we will review fundamental ideas of Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Islam and Hinduism, to name the ones that we have present and more highlighted within the world panorama.

It is important to emphasize that, in this approach, there will be no delivery of habits of monastic assimilation, or celibacy or impositions in the private life of people who freely attend our meetings.

Quite on the contrary, it will be a place, both real and virtual, for the search and encounter of solutions to the problems of daily life that afflict us so much and damage also a lot.

Synthesizing, it is a meeting of people who will procure and exercise Free Will, in the best expression and quality of life.

The Human Capital for Naturalia´s Wildlife and Family Value Model:

Likewise, in terms of Human Resources, we will need this Director General, a Web-Master, to keep all the services in the air, a wildlife keeper for the restoration of the native species, a agronomist, with the same functions but in the flora, a psychologist of the existing divisions.

The rest of it, it is simple: it is you, them, everybody who are in the will of belonging to a new world, to a new Society Model, the New Global Deal so called Naturalia.


As much of our audience can be childlike from all points of local, national and universal geography, it should be clear, a distribution of information on social networks and APPs by Smartphones.

Adults and Disposable Citizens will be the object of treatment and study of National and Global Governments and we, from our efforts, collaborate with this simple contribution of research, spiritual support and implementation.

We will have a Universal Electronic Organization up to date (with everything that technology and funds allow). We will write, we will call and we will be connected from end to end in this wide world. We will see each other, like a hawk in the day, like an owl in the night!

The Spirit, Religions and free Thinking!

Closing this Naturalia New Issue (The Second), we offer a topic dedicated -as promised-, to Religions. It is never the fact we take a position for any against the other. It is a cosmovisión over four of them so as to give light and spread the word as a peace message. Let´s start!

We take advantage we are, in a work lethargy that numbs the neurons but, elevates the spirit. Therefore, this opinion column emerges in the hope to reach you with the same sincerity as other technological and scientific writings to which I have already accustomed you.

We see topics such as the interpretations of this author of Islamism, Christianity, Judaism and Buddhism. All religions, without exception, including those that we do not name, are meant to elevate the human condition. To them our respect and devotion.

1.- Judaism:


 To begin, I am going to make a brief mention to Judaism, a fascinating religion because, it must be thought that, not only in its original books like the Old Testament of Christians, are the same as those of this millenary religion, but also, it was that vision of theology that perhaps, for the first time, gathered gods and adorations in one God, invisible, omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient without face, neither body nor matter but, in the cosmos or somewhere in the Believer’s conscience of such faith.

It was spectacular the turn in the faith of the planet, which caused Judaism because, it went from a procession of gods each with their gifts and powers, with their protegees, to be a religion with only one God, and for everyone equally.

Simply, the same, as long as I discovered it, as such in my youth, was revealing, enthusiasting and inspiring maybe more than others, as it has been said in the previous paragraph.

2.- Christianity:

This, in its most widespread version that is Catholicism, is the faith that I profess as author and writer of this opinion paper but, not for that reason, I stop seeing with enthusiasm the others, which will be treated with equal respect and sympathy. Christianity is the religion that, from the side of Catechesis, has left the message on the planet that, «Christ died to redeem us from our sins.»

Although that is a great truth, it is the benevolent side of the Christian faith because, the reality is that this religion, my religion, is bloody, what it means with bloodshed. What about Christ was not a suicide or an accident. It was simply a murder in the style of the time, but it was. I repeat, agreed on by both, it was a lesson for a dissident, but it was a murder. The whole humanity celebrates the forgiveness of sins but nobody condemns the reason for such and brutal death at the hands of peers and authorities.

Christ, he did not die! They murdered him! Through Him we live this life and through Him we will always live in guilt, a distinctive feature of the Christian faith. Guilt, eternal guilt because, He, died for me, for you and for all. Never forget it; the Christian Faith, is the Faith of Guilt.


 3.- Buddhism:

The Buddha, which means The Enlightened One, was born Prince but his father did not want him to even see the miseries of the world and had him locked in his Princely Castle until the boy’s puberty.

When he joined a few years and freedom to leave, he decided to face the cruelty of the world but Buddhism is not a cruel religion. It is the faith of the Overcoming for the Peace of the Spirit.

Buddha, The Enlightened, said and continues to say through his followers, wonderful messages of which, I am an unconditional follower. It must be thought that in this faith, there were no murders, nor it is a god, it is a speaker, a prophet, an Enlightened but never, a dissident or a persecuted person who is murdered.

Buddha, is still alive in the peace and thought of millions of people, calm, resilient and eager to face the world, not with violence, but with meditation and ennoblement of their own self.


It begins the short story by Borges, “The two kings and the two labyrinths”:

«- Men count in good faith, but Allah, knows more …»!

Well, what can we add, but express what this religion says that, just by being Allah, is the greatest of all gods of the cosmos, universe, history and men, of the surface of the Earth?

Nothing to object to this! I have stated that everyone believes as dictates his mind and heart. Mine, beats strongly with that of a young man who was murdered and never came down from a cross. You will know where and with whom your heart beats.

In Islam, it is argued that the Koran is Sacred and, it must also be so, like the Torah or like the Sacred Scriptures of Christianity and the Legacies of Buddha. What doubt is on there?

What I must say is that, it has always attracted my attention, it is the emphasis of the followers of this religion, because they carry in mind, heart, blood and work, feelings to such an extent that sometimes, all the grounds are confused and it is difficult to interpret, why his believers move, while, in other cases, the border of these feelings and thoughts is a little less blurred.

We can add that, as a millenary faith, it has been purified, it is synthesized in people and acts of elevation of the spirit and tends to the improvement of Human Condition.

It has, in and of itself, a syncretism that other religions have never manifested because, it takes from each of the most memorable, sacred passages and immortalizes them in the beauty of their texts and calligraphy of their language but, no less beautiful are the thoughts of the Buddha, the Parables of Christ, the Psalms of the Jewish Writings and so on to move forward.

No conclusions: There are Religions.

Well, I had no academic and scientific work and I said: «I am going to write about God and this came out to me, that has as many gods as religions but all, from my childhood to maturity, always with me, in the deepest part of my mind, in the most sublime of my heart.»

Conclusions to The Naturalia Second Issue:

Thus and at last, we have prepared a paper, Issue Number Two, where we reflected the Educational Chapter, regarding the mind, spirit, emotions and future of oncoming generations.

We truly hope you will be satisfied and I also expect to receive some comments about this position which is personal, individual and fully responsable about my acts.

Intelligence, is a condition related to Human Beings as well as talent is. Processing, is proper to machines and there is not any other way to observe these points except what we are pointing out.

Intellectual Capital, is the key concept for the oncoming years. Those who do not forsee this horizon as coming to their lives well, they are lost in the mass of devastating working slaughter.

Bosquescuela, is the future in education. No doubts about it! World is changing so fast and under such a cruel conditions that, these schools are the only way out to keep children save and sound. Otherwise, the youngters will be exposed to the upmost system attack to their innocence and childish way of raising up.

Finally, religions are the only way men have to individually or collectively ascend to God or whatsoever you may call Him. Let´s permit mankind nest a Religion in their heart and it will be forever redeemed.


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