Africa-renewable-energies-powered sources

An outline to a complete  Infrastructure Project for a Clean Continent


Let´s find within this text, the principles of a complete outline for an African-Clean-Energies-powered Electrical  System. Besides that, complementary subsystems can be found as highways, airports, rural development and the likes. General ideas about how to finance the project are presented as well as a proposal for diagnosing and funding a permanent Consultancy  Office in sito.

I.- Electrical Regulatory Context

I.1.- Since we will create the Federal Bureau for Electricity Regulation, different countries of the African Federation, will decide at will, how to  vote and make authorities ellegible for the key positions.

The strategic departments  will be:

Quality assurance

Regulatory Affairs

General Administration

Human resources

Fares and Financial Secretariat

Renewable Energies

Institutional and International Public  Relations

I.2.- Agents of the Electrical Market in Africa

Generators: they produce electricity, been this  resource as diverse as water, winds or solar-powered product.

Generators will have the mission of creating energies in low, medium and high voltage ranging from 110-220 volts (low), 13,200 (medium), and 55 and 100 kilovolts (high).

Transporters, will carry out the mission of tresspassing the borders of geographical and political boundaries so as to take energy into the Distirbutors.

Distributors, on the other hand, will take the upmost important role which is delivering the service one home after another until covering the whole “electrical district”.

I.3.- Markets in the African Federation will be divided as follows:

Connected to the Federal or national system.

Dispersed Market: connected to any energy distributor out of the main concentration areas.

Isolated Market: will be connected to panel (solar) and will run on this isolated source until better integral solution is reached.

II.- Renewable energies and their sources:

There is only one way to express this: water, winds and solar powered energies. That´s it and that will make Africa the Different Continent! On the other  hand, we will not work with fuel sources-powered energies neither nuclear-powered plants. Do not even mention that word!

III.- Countries

Africa best move to the future is to act collectively. This is why, I am inviting you to make up a whole and solid block to define the Clean Future of the Clean Continent! All of your participating and democratic countries should subscribe to an agreement of a Electric Clean Electricity Federation for the sake of the Continent, mankind and the planet.

IV.- General Development:

Rural development will be guaranted with dams all around the territory and rivers flowing pure waters to irrigate fresh seeds of food and future for the children.

Urban development will also be and explotion by the time Africa has its Housing and Neighborhood´s Project in every spot of the territory with light, water, and ful-service way of  life. Qualitative and quantitative “persaltum” will be reached right after the UNEP Project starts marching on.

According to a well developed  society, it must be necessary to design a complete Sewer System for every and single city of the continent. This is the only way we can avoid water pollution and diseases.

Communications, may well be understood as railroads channels to the future, routes, highways and domestic and international flights abundantly. Do not be concerned about this topic. We know how to do it. We have done that before!

Rivers, will also be a must in domestic communications for cargo and tourism all around and accross the African Federation. Great projects bring great future for everyone!

Environmental  care in a continent like Africa is a must. We cannot make dams and routes and highways letting die thousands of wild animals and species. They will be our prioritry before anything else. If a species is likely to undergo risk of disapearing, we will take serious measurements agaist any uncontrolled variable.

Dams: A complex system of dams will be developed  for the continent so as to vinculate water, irrigation systems,  electricity  generation and distributions, urban and rural development and the likes. They will be, according to the hydrographic system in Africa, the main source of clean energies.

Wind turbines: According to our experience in Argentina and rest of the  experiences, windmills are satisfactory for low consumptions regime of electricity and with high rates of production. We´ll have to overfly the vast African Territory to see how the rivers go, where the winds blow for the mills and where to install the solar panels. All this in the diagnosing stage.

Solar Panels: As it is known, there are two arrangements for these panels. One of these could be to install one or several  gigafactories, and wired to a distribution central deployment.

On the other hand, solar panels could be just installed individually one by one on small groups in every house of the neighborhood so as to feed one after another and one by one every single house.

Dayflights: as already mentioned before,  within the diagnosing stage, it will be necessary every day flights over the territory so as to survey  all the where´s and how´s to.

Economic development: This is Africa great chance for development. Fortunately, we have experts in our team so as to make a serious Project on Economic Development as we have already done.

Education and general and especific development: No light, no schools! No water, no schools. We will be plenty of them now and for ever again! Africa, I beg you! Please, do  this for the sake of your children!

Tourism: As long as I can remember, Africa was the greatest place in the world to chase and hunt  animal-nature´s beauties. What it will be now is the best place in the world to go relaxing and enjoying life, nature, nice people and a better future! Nature is your competitive advantage and nobody can take that out of you!

World insertion: How is Africa ranked today in the world most developed countries list? Well, it will change soon. Water, solar panels and light and… voilà, the miracle is done!

V.- Financial Affairs:

Financial markets: We will try to conquer international capital markets so as to finance every single operation of this project. There should be a call to international bids and there should be the will to follow the satisfied  terms of the contract.

Contractors: They may proceed according to  african laws and regulations but we will have to be smart enough so as to let them come from outside of the continent.  We  will find excellent allies in Europe, USA and Asia. Let´s wait for a better impression!

Midterm and final control: the whole process will be closely controlled under the eyes of a profesional team. Midterm controls until final stage or final Project, will be supervised until Africa Federation free Consultants so as to leave the arena.

The huge african oil reserve, will never be delivered only over your dead bodies! They will be the financial key to conquer and install renewable energies, tools techniques and methodologies, making possible Africa becomes the first privileged  continent on supplying clean energies in a high percentage of the total amount of the total delivered voltaje system.

VI.- Infrastructure:

Navigation, Airports and Highways: Since will be “enlighted”, no doubts about having the best possible ways for navigatoin, airports and highways.

That´s what this project goes from the bottom to the surface so as to be  achieved in some years, no matters who survives the idea. This project, if approved, will be landed to Africa to stay!

Telecommunications: Can you imagine Africa mute? Of course not! From drums to voices, Africa will sing to the world the voices of triumph and will do it by phone to the whole world. Just wait and we will hear ourselves talking on the line.

Welcome to your future. Proud to be part of it!

Juan Mangione


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