¡The Democrats and Me!

From Hillary´s Campaign To Donald´s Ruling Era

We are pleased to express that, at the beginning of the Dems Campaign, we interchanged some emails with Michigan Dems and some others words from the very same Mr. President, Barak Obama, into an impersonal way.

I saw the general oncoming panorama and promised to myself I would do something for the Dems Headquarters and so I did to finally, produce “The Plan” which I never new if it would ever arrive there; then I got a word from the Commmittee: “So?”

Right after that and counting on the fact I had all Friday´s night to come, I decided to write overnight and send that plan on Saturday morning from a public internet cabinet. Needless to say, previous to sending this plan, I had to organised myself and so I did, dividing the project in Hardware Aspects, Software Topics, Services Details and American History. It was – to my personal taste: perfect!

This is the story. Now you can follow up and read the plan. I truly hope you will like it!



The President of The United States of America, Barack Obama.


Juan Mangione


I.- Greetings:

Good morning Mr. President!

Perhaps, you don´t imagine how happy I am to be in contact with you and all your team.

You, them and The Democrats as a whole party, is the best gift America may receive in its history for the sake of the its people since, when you rule, the world grows and dismiss.

From my beloved country, Argentina, I send my respects to such an Administration and look forward to cellebrate many victories, for the prosperity of your Nation.

II.- Introduction:

II.1.- The First Democracy of Western Countries.

When the unforgettable Thomas Jefferson was your Ambassador to France, you were already a First Democracy in Western Countries while France, was struggling to terminate with monarchy.

It has been since ever then that America leads the destinies –whether somebody else likes it or not- of many nations of the world. It has not been the obligation to follow you. As I have mentioned in my article The Fall of the Hegemon, the USA, were, are and may be, the beloved and universal guiding lighting of many countries of the globe. It will all depend on your ruling and criteria!

II.2.- The oncoming future.

Mr. President, as you can easily imagine, who he talks of a glorious past, could never resign the future. That is why America has got to re-invent itself so as to be present into the XXI century as one of the leading countries.

That is why, I have prepare a simple guide for The Democrats in order to make easier the development of your campaign and seeking an astonishing victory in oncoming 2016 Presidential Elections.

III.- The world of hardware in the campaign.

III.1.- As small and efficient as a chip.

Well, let´s begin by saying that you will sell to the people in their offices, streets, schools, universities and any working and leasure places, some stickers to their cars. They will pay this chip as cheap as possible, for instance five dollars a piece and for whatsoever means you can imagine like debit, credit cards, cash, and the likes.

The sticker with the chip, will be sticked on the windshield of their cars and they will drive smoothly without noticing any change in their journey through the city.

Nevertheless, once the car is in front of an strategic corner of the city, a “sensor”, will detect the chip and, will send a signal to an electronic billboard.

The billboard, automatically will show the images of the contents of whatsoever you want to exhibit to the driver and family. The image will remain, for as long as the red light is on and will then vanish to be called back again by another car with identical triggering chip.

III.2.- Servers.

There will be set in each selected city, one server so as to process the programs of detecting the chips, counting the time elapsed at the red lights and those seconds where the message is shown.

The same servers, will administrate the signal going to TV anthenas, and social media. Let´s make a wider explanation about these topics.

When the chip is detected, a pulse will be triggered to the electronic billboards. At the same time, another kind but suited pulse, will be sent to TV sensors and TV channels assuring the next five seconds are dedicated into the next commercial to the campaign.

Just in the same way, the Democrats, will have arrangements with their campaign sponsors so as:

i.- Get their contributions in advance.

ii.- Derive some part of the to Facebook and Twitter and… finally,

iii.- Sponsor a message by Facebook and Twitter at the same rythm of every “red light interruption”.

IV.- The Software in the Democrats Campaign.

As you can easily imagine, we may be needing a piece of software as good as possible so as to conduct:

i.- Chips detections.

ii.- Red light interruptions.

iii.- Exhibition of messages.

iv.- Sending messages to TV station for next commercial interval.

v.- Sending pulse to Facebook and Twitter to exhibit sponsors messages at the pace of the red lights.

vi.- Counting every chip triggering for “Facebooks ‘Likes’ and Sponsors Donations”.

vii.- Since in the USA, voting is a voluntary act, the system may go further so as to get details of people buying chip and send orignal tips to their homes about where and how to emit their votes.

V.- The Message.

V.1.- First Democracy in Western Countries.

As it is easy to be seen, America led the feeling of freedon and revolutionary thoughts as early as 1774. Needless to say not a small portion of the world admire this instance of democratic life.

In addition, The Democrats, have a unique chance of taking advantage of their great Presidents.

That is why, I strongly recommend that:

i.- The first topic of the campaing should be an ilustration of the whole group of American Presidents from the first, up to the latest.

ii.- As a second topic, it would be as a fundamental campaign topic, `Who they Were`, the Democrat Presidents. This is to depict Presidents, plenty of fame, honor and glory!

iii.- Into a third section of the campaign, there should be the very same President Obama anticipating that “Next is the Best!

iv.- To finish, the candidate, will be shown as the best bet for America (and the world intself).

V.2.- Re-founding act of a Nation.

Both Facebook and Twitter, let the user take advantage of quick and penetrating messages as darts into the eyes and minds.

That is why the art of creating short messages is a must in this media campaign.

The message, of course, would take the reader to discover that America is going to be reinvented for its second time in history and your Candidate is the One who is going to make it!!!

V.3.- Phrases and highlights from American profiles.

It should be taken into account that during my youth, I have studied and reviewd dozens of writers with their inspired literature (poetry, poems, essays and the likes). It is an endless source of inspiration and creativity so as to dive into it and extract the “very short messages” you need.

Thomas Paine, after having written “The Common Sense”, was forbiden and forgotten. He decided to go fighting with the troops at the Independence War. General Washington found him resting after the final victorious battle and asked him his name. His answered and the General said: “-The same who wrote the Common Sense?”

The soldier said, “-Yes, Sir!. If freedom has forgotten about me, I have not forgotten about freedom!”

VI.- Conclusions:

Dear Mr. President, my respects and only the Lord may know where are and when our steps will leads us to a better future.


VII.- Adendum:

VII.1.- Having finished with the official document I sent to those people in the US Government, I would like to make a remarks on a personality of their culture and political life and that is,

Mr Thomas Paine

“…Radical political writer Thomas Paine emigrated to America in 1774 and published Common Sense (1776), a demand for American independence. Returning to Europe in 1787, and in response to Burke‘s Reflections on the Revolution in France, he published his most famous work, The Rights of Man, 1791-2, which advocated the constitutional guarantee of the civil rights of individuals. Paine fled to France and was briefly elected to the French National Convention. Imprisoned for opposing the execution of Louis XVI in 1793, he returned to America in 1802. His promotion of the concept of human rights influenced the American Constitution and the European Convention on Human Rights… “

VII.2.- Finally and at last, I would invite you to read details on Hilary´s Campaign which was derived to some people from their Headquarters but if you seek images on TV documentaries will easily find that those images, are just a branch of This Very Same Plan.

Mrs. Hillary Clinton.



Juan C. Mangione

Director – Intelectum






















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