Life goes on bra!

There had passed away generations of friends and relatives.

Grieve and mourn had taken place in his soul and  mind, devastating the spirit of that previously soul-sacred and talented man to whom, victory was a habit and losing a battle, something like God´s supreme desire.

At present, his only wishes were to reunite with his soulmate Renata, and dedicate to her the rest of his  days but, how come? How could he make this posssible?

He had some many questions and almost no replies so he decided to start writing messages to her through “” and, so she answered back:

  • Hey you! terrific guy from South America, why don´t you come over with me to New York ?

He got ponderous and finally  responded to her that he was a bit affraid of such a big city. It was a little impersonal and, since he has been to the West Coast, he would better go to Los Angeles, because, “- …you know, L.A. is my Lady !”

She quickly thought about a  meeting with this misterious guy and promptly and, in order  to not to lose him, she pronounced these words:

  • Hey you, foreigner,  let´s get a ticket to the never-imagined place, I speak that strange language too, and have a good time together! Got that? It  is a trip back to the USSR ! How come I can express to you -my dearest-, how much I care about you?
  • Listen to me, -he replied, – I will give you this song and go thinking back again while we review the oncoming future… Do you agree, darling ?
  • Do you know, stranger? We´d better meet in Europe and look for that only way to get together. Let´s face the future at once and get the  Last train to London !
  • In London I could do science – said to himself-, – and work for the most important companies of this wide world,  don´t you think so, sweety? But, now that I am getting 64 next week, I remember what I thought when I was a youngster and that was: will you take care of me when I am 64?
  • Dear stranger, – she said, – I´ve got to tell you the best thing we can do together for the rest of our lives, is going to The Market Place, get a vacancy and start a new life with a brand new family there. Will you propose me any other thing or do you have the best bet?

He got silent, thought for a couple of eternal seconds and said, indeed:

  • Renata, let´s do this, Please, Marry Me, and let´s raise a family together. The rest goes  on a bra!


Juan Mangione

October, 25th, 01:52 PM.


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